Friday, January 25, 2008

Design Workbook

This picture represents value because of the shadows and highlights
between the color tones in the scenery.

Here the people together create a sense of unity, making the scene feel entirely full and complete.

These four blocks represent shape because of how they complement each other despite their differences in color.

This forest is an example of line because of the shape of the trees as well as the road leading further into the scene.

Movement is seen because of the active fish within the still pond creating the impression that they are alive within the picture.

The flowers intertwined in the leaves show pattern between the two elements of this picture.

The sculptures arranged as such give the viewer a sense of repetition as they are not exactly the same however they are very alike.

The building from top to bottom is very different showing the contrast of the architecture and the contrast between the building and the sky.

The bridge and the cords running across the picture contrasting the cars show rhythm together with the clouds and the sky.

Form is seen here because of the shapes working together in unison for the picture to seem real.

The red silk in this picture creates a visual illusion of a soft texture.

The explosion of color here creates a unique visual emphasizing the variety of different hues.

The openness between the rock formation and the sky within the cave creates a sense of space.

The caterpillar on the flower represents balance because of how the picture shows equally both the caterpillar and the flower separately as well as together.

The black and white nature of the picture combined with the shape show variety in the lines.

The lone spaceship in the landscape is the main focal point, therefore being the emphasis of the picture.

Thursday, January 24, 2008