Saturday, January 31, 2009

Women Covering Muse

Everyone knows that pitch shifting is the shit. What's better than making Nickelback sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks on crack (not that Nickelback can get any worse. I actually probably enjoy Alvin annoyingly reflecting on his rockstar "career" than  Chad Kroeger. Also, Jake G likes Nickelback, further proving their douchiness, but that's for another post.) But I digress, pitch shifting can have uses other than making someone's song ridiculously high or low, or allowing Dragonforce to correctly play their stupid ass music (the last one is actually them playing). It can make singers sound like women.

I know, right?

Anyways, the best band to do this with is Muse, a band which I am only slightly embarrassed to like. Matt Bellamy's shrieking falsetto is already somewhat girlish sounding, so a little pitch shifting can go a long way. For example, Muscle Museum. The effect is less funny sometimes (the more vibrato, the more it sounds like a broken record, not Gwen Stefani, but overall I find it very amusing. Here are a few Muse songs I did: Starlight, Supermassive Black Hole. I'm far too lazy to go out and find more content/jokes/examples for this post, so y'all can experiment with this and MAKE YOUR OWN FUN! I will, however, leave you with the following thought:

My brother suggested that I pitch shift James Blunt, but instead I just played a James Blunt song from iTunes. No work needed there. If I made him sound more like a girl, my computer would explode and I would die from the flying shrapnel and pieces of "Twilight". Either that, or the universe would anti-implode or some shit and James Blunt would grow a pair.

2/1/09 - Follow up link: Ouch.

(P.S. That link to nothing may have been a rip off of the "Saving Private Brian" episode of Family Guy)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Criss Angel vs David Blaine

Here's a magical Phatality Phight for all you out there who love magic, or for those of you who love when I post about the most random things with awesome links from around the internet. If you don't like either, get out.

This Phight is between magicians Criss Angel and David Blaine.

Now on to the Phight itself starting with Criss Angel. Criss Angel is pretty dang sexy, especially considering that he looks similar to ugly guy Mystery from The Pickup Artist who believes that wearing binoculars is somehow a turn on for women. Criss Angel's show Mindfreak is awesome though.
Every episode of Mindfreak is 45 minutes of Criss Angel being a modern day Jesus. Just like Jesus he can walk on water, make people believe in him religiously and grow a beard. In addition to that he has been burned alive, run over by cars, sawed in half and survived cutting himself.

Criss isn't related to the Chris who posts on this blog, in part because their names are spelled differently.

David Blaine is a crazy dude too. He usually spends his days either buried underground in a coffin, being encased in ice or talking to Donald Trump upside down.
David Blaine also brings his magic to the streets. I definitely give him street cred for that stuff. I suggest you watch this street magic video if you're going to watch any of them. WHAT THE EFF?

So who would win in a fight, Criss Angel or David Blaine?